The Form of the Coward

There are people that have so much hate for me inside as they keep expressing they want me to die. I keep asking myself why am I sill alive, but I know it’s because of what they lack inside.

I have spent the last two years of my life wanting to fill my head with lead, while you cannot even backup the words you have said.

You want to hold a gun to my head with the correlation of a false allegation when all you have accomplished in life is your soul’s damnation.

You have tried to crucify me with paper bullets and lies hoping I will commit suicide, as you only have the courage to commit passive aggressive homicide.

Keep posting falsehoods and threats in pictures, while you get your courage from chemical mixtures. You speak of God, but your behavior does not represent any scriptures.

You think you are your woman’s problem solver as you stand tall with a picture of a revolver, but by your own behavior you know I stand taller.

When I looked into the eyes of your woman I hope I never again see in lace I never saw your face. In that moment I realized you know your place.

If you don’t have the courage to back up your words. Stay out of my fucking way and rejoin the herds. As you cower from the world’s heat like an iceberg.

I don’t have time for your ignorant hate nor will I waste my time joining your fate.

There is nothing you can do to cause more pain inside of me. The eternal pain I feel is from no longer seeing the beautiful star that loved and saved me from thee.

You have pursued wealth and vengeance by trying to take my children from me, but I know someday they will see your behavior will take you some place deeper than the sea.

You will spend your life in a cage because the world doesn’t want people like you shitting all over their stage.

Either save me the expense of buying a rope, or if you truly love God start honoring those you have hurt with love and hope.