The Dangers of Adultery

When a deceitful person speaks falsehoods boldly in the light, it is only a matter of time before they retreat quietly back into the night.

If you always keep love in your heart, speak the truth, and stop activities that are not in the light, Christ will restore your sight, and you will see that person for what they truly are as they retreat and stay in the shadows of night.

When your behavior is to seduce people and use lies to lure them to join you in the shadows of night, there is no one to blame but yourself when you sit in misery while you bathe in the truth of sunlight.

You will lose everything on your life shelf when you trust your heart to someone who only cares about them self.

Never again will I allow myself to believe that I am loved by a woman from a unified point in the shadows of night.

Never again will I allow myself to feel so low that I give my complete love and loyalty to someone in the night that has never honored their’s to the one they belong to in the light.

It doesn’t matter how much pain you feel in your heart or how badly you need to feel love and trust, you will never find it in someone who lives a life of lust while they let their life fall to rust.

I thank my Lord for his forgiveness and opening my eyes with living water from a fountain, and saving me from further pain and betrayal that exists on an Iowa Green Mountain.

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