Flight of the Phoenix

I feel very blessed right now. I am not ready to communicate what I have endured for the last 3 years of my life. I carried an Eagle on my left arm for most of my career in the US Navy. When I retired that Eagle and everything that represented me as a man was thrown in the fire of lies and malice by someone in my life I thought I loved. My God, my Shipmates (My Family), my true friends stayed by my side the entire time. Today the cloud that has been over my head for three years of my life evaporated in the light of the Son. Now those that tried to destroy me stand in the light carrying their truth. That burden is no longer on my shoulders.

It does not matter what we endure what people try to do to us, when you have the courage to stand by the truth and continue to have faith and love good will always conquer evil. I did not find sanctuary in the Hope that I trusted on this Earth, but in the Hope that is promised above.

In the last 3 years I have felt that I died. Everything about what my life has been was cast in fire, the Eagle transformed into a Phoenix and flew from the fire. Michael J. Merritt will hopefully write for many years to come, but today Michael J. Phoenix was born in fire.

Everyone that has supported me and enjoyed reading what I have wrote thank you for being a part of my life and letting me be apart of yours. Thank you for letting me know that I was not alone during the darkest years of my life.

Now I am going to paint a picture with words and help those that feel pain inside as I do find hope as I have, and know they are not alone.
I am standing there with you, and Christ always has.

I think the United States Navy for reinforcing my hull for 20 years.

C.T. I’ve completed 25 reps and I still have not started my set.

I would like to thank A Pale Horse Named Death for helping me find light while carrying my guitar in darkness. Thank you for making the soundtrack that continues to inspire me and push me toward my dreams.

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