During the Battle of Mobile Bay on August 5, 1864, Admiral Farragut and his forces engaged a Confederate Fleet, land based forts, and a field of mines guarding the entrance to Mobile Bay. With the course ahead filled with peril Admiral Farragut ordered his fleet: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” Admiral David Glasgow Farragut […]

How can a facility claim to be based on Christian beliefs when it asks the least among us to leave their facility when they are using them? How can a facility that claims to be based on Christian beliefs have a loitering policy when the foundation of it’s faith began with two loitering parents and […]

The only way to walk on water is faith in Christ, and living a life built on a foundation of truth that is fueled by love, faith, and hope.  When someone lives a life based on a foundation of deceit, they will eventually slip beneath the waves of lies as a fleet of deceit they […]

For many years of my life I poured out my body upon this Earth trying to find happiness and I found nothing. I felt complete for the first time when I looked into the eyes of the woman that showed me what love is. That was the first moment in my life I was able […]